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At some point, we've probably all been guilty of using an unnecessarily complicated explanation to help us seem authoritative or to hide our uncertainty. 

And we've all been on the receiving end too. Maybe it's a long, waffly letter from a government agency that still leaves you baffled. Or, more dangerously, confusing directions about when to take your medicines. 


As a plain English writer, I love finding the simple way of stating something. That could mean turning ‘unexpected mortality events’ into ‘sudden deaths’ or rephrasing an enquiry about ambulatory care skills to a question about walking easily.

When you've had years of professional training, you often don't realise how easily you slip into jargon. But, if your documents contain too much medical terminology or other jargon, you may be unintentionally alienating your readers. Clients will go elsewhere and confused patients won't follow your advice properly. 

A plain English translation helps your readers understand you easily. I will read your material and then rewrite it to:

  • focus on the reader's needs

  • use the active rather than the passive voice to provide greater clarity

  • use everyday words that most people understand

  • explain any technical terms that must be used

  • make sentences short and paragraphs clear

  • remove unnecessary information that obscures your meaning.

Or I can write new content in plain English from the beginning. 

Please contact me today to discuss your needs. 

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